Amnesty International - From Protests to Prisons


One year on from the disputed presidential election of June 2009, Iranians who criticize the government or protest against mounting human rights violations face an ever-tightening gag. The authorities and the shadowy intelligence services – shaken to the core by mass demonstrations – have consolidated their grip on the country and intensified the repression in a vain attempt to silence voices which peacefully challenge the official portrayal of the election and its aftermath.

This report poignantly illustrates the journey taken in the past year by many Iranians – from political and civil activism and street demonstrations to the cells of Evin prison and beyond. At least 5,000 people, probably many more, have been arrested simply for peacefully exercising their rights. Once behind bars, they are further abused, often
forced to make “confessions” that are then used to convict them in grossly flawed trials. Hundreds are serving prison terms. Some have been condemned to death and two executed.

The report makes two essential calls on the |ranian authorities – to release all prisoners of conscience and review the cases of other political prisoners tried unfairly; and to allow international scrutiny of its human rights record by granting immediate access to UN human rights experts.

Briefing on Human Rights in Iran

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